Stain and Varnish

It's amazing what kind of timber transformations can be achieved with a good quality stain and varnish. 

Owner: "So we have a light coloured Teak door, Merbau hardwood posts and Walnut timber look garage doors and we want them all to match.... "

Challenge accepted! 


When working with stain and varnish products the choice has to be made between oil and water-based products. In this case we opted for the water-based option as the door will be in direct sunlight. Water-based products have superior UV protection. 


We brushed 3 coats of Cabots Water-based Exterior Stain tinted to Rich Walnut followed by 1 coat of Cabots Cabothane Clear. Being water-based its a lot more challenging to keep your wet edge and produce a uniform finish. Experience is a must.